At this moment, you are the slyest of all the foxes in the entire world.


sly fox is a person who is deceitful, sneaky, clever, crafty, cunning, or smart. They use means that are less than obvious to achieve their goals. Based on this criteria, it has been determined that you, the person visiting this site, are a sly fox. In fact, not only are you a sly fox, you are the slyest of all the foxes.

The sly fox, however, is more than just a person. It is the very idea of anything that posses the qualities a sly fox would hold. While the idea was originally only limited to actual foxes, it has since encompassed every last thing that behaves in the manner of a sly fox. 

The term "sly fox" has been used for many years, but the sly fox predates these sayings by a very large amount of time. Instances of the sly fox were first seen in one of Aesop's fables, The Fox and the Crow, in which a crafty fox tricks a crow into giving up her cheese. The sly fox has also manifested itself into a series of stories from medieval times, specifically those including the elusive character Reynard the fox. In those stories, Reynard would often be "defeated", only for him to take revenge on the other animals in the end. These historical, literary references have cast the sly fox into the limelight, establishing the idea as a staple of educated minds across the globe. For example, one of the greatest poets in the history of humanity, Shakespeare, alluded to the sly fox several times throughout his works. It certainly cannot be denied that the sly fox has slipped itself into our minds, as well as our hearts.

Throughout the centuries, the sly fox has never been so influential as it is today. While the sly fox has always been present in our world, it has never had such an impactful presence. That is, until you came into the picture. You are the ultimate manifestation of the sly fox through your infinite foxiness. In a way, you are the sly fox.

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